Sample Messages from the Tooth Fairy to copy, paste and edit

Magical tooth fairy messages

Listed below you will find sample messages from the Tooth Fairy to copy, paste and edit tonight! These messages cover various situations you may run into when leaving something for that special child.

This might be the very first tooth that the child has lost. Maybe you forgot to leave something under the pillow and the child is asking questions. Trust me, it happens, and not intentionally.

The child may have had a tooth pulled at the dentist. You may have moved recently and the child is wondering if the Tooth Fairy will find them at the new address. Or maybe the child lost a tooth in a very special way.

Browse our selection of sample messages below. New messages will be added on a continual basis.

Tooth Fairy forgot to visit

Child lost a tooth in a special way

Tooth got lost after it came out

Child wants to keep lost tooth

Child lost first tooth

Lost Another Tooth

Tooth lost at School

Tooth fell down the drain

Dentist pulled it

What happens to teeth collected

Moved Recently-worried Tooth Fairy doesn't know 

Lost more than one tooth