Refund Policy

All items offered on are currently in a digital format. This means they are files/documents you download to a device with an internet connection.

Once the transaction is complete, you receive a download link and gain immediate access to your item(s). We are able to track when a successful download has taken place.

Unlike a product purchased in a physical storefront, there’s no way to retrieve a digital download once it’s completed. For this reason, we do not offer refunds on successfully downloaded items.

However, we do realize that exceptional circumstances may occur in regard to accessing your digital download:

  1. Item(s) not delivered successfully

    Technical glitches may happen occasionally which is the nature of the internet.

    Make sure that and are added to the whitelist of the email application you’re using. If not, your notification email may have ended up in your junk or spam file. Check there before contacting us.

    It may take a couple of minutes to receive an email with download instructions, so please be patient.

    If you don’t receive an email with download instructions or are unable to download your item(s) from the download link, let us know via our Contact Page. We will attempt to correct the technical issue within 72 hours so you can download your item(s).

    Our service hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm EST, Monday through Friday.

    If we are unable to correct the issue within 72 hours, you may request a full refund for the item(s) in question or a replacement for another/other item(s) of the same value.

    Please submit your initial request within 7 days of placing your order. Otherwise, the order will be considered received and downloaded in good order.

  2. Item(s) received will not open in some 3rd party software programs

    Digital products offered on are compatible with specific third party software programs listed below. All customers agree (End User License Agreement) to have access to one of these programs prior to downloading items from our web site. We don’t guarantee that our digital products will work with any other programs or software other than those specified below.

    Mobile Devices
    If you have Microsoft Word® or access to Office 365®, then you're ready to go. Download and open your letters/certificates in one of those programs.

    If not, then there's a free mobile app available from WPS Office. Simply download the WPS Office app for your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ mobile device. It's 100% free and no subscription is needed. You will then be able to download, personalize and print Tooth Fairy letters and certificates directly from your mobile device. More information is available from their website at
    WPS Office for iOS and WPS Office for Android

    PC or Mac
    If you have Microsoft Word® or access to Office 365®, then you're ready to go. Download and open your letters/certificates in one of those programs.

    If not, there are a few alternatives.

    WPS Office has a free edition (for the Windows® operating system), however, ads will post to your workspace while viewing and editing letters/certificates. It’s still a great office suite to use free of charge. Click here for more information and to download WPS Office 2016 Free.

    WPS Office Personal and Home (for the Windows® operating system) is a paid version that removes the ads and gives you a few more bells and whistles. Subscription options include $2.99/month, $19.99/year or $49.99 lifetime.
    Click here for more information and to try WPS Office!

    Microsoft Office 365® Home has a free 30 day trial online. After the free trial, it's $9.99/month or $99.99/year. Microsoft Office 365® Personal is available for $6.99/month or $69.99/year but has no free trial. For PC's, you must have Windows® operating system 7 or newer. Compare PC offers
    here. For Mac®, you must have Mac OS X® 10.10 or newer to use that service. Compare Mac® offers here.

    There are also software versions of Microsoft Office® available from different vendors online. However, they’re becoming scarce as the subscription services are becoming the new norm.

    Please note that we do not bear any responsibility and therefore we do not satisfy any refund/exchange requests based on incompatibility of our products with some third-party software (plug-ins, add-ons, modules, search engines, scripts, extensions, etc.) other than those which are specified as compatible. If you have any other questions or concerns, please use our Contact Page.

  3. Item(s) received appear different than displayed on website

    Our Tooth Fairy letters/certificates are designed in a colorful, fun and whimsical fashion for the enjoyment of children. You are able to preview samples of each Tooth Fairy letter/certificate prior to selection and download. Letter/certificate sizes are specified with each selection.

    There may be slight differences in color and appearance from time to time due to a large variety of digital, software and hardware causes.

    a) The color settings and monitor resolution may not be the same on different devices.

    b) Various operating systems and web browsers may have slight differences in color display.

    c) There may be color differences when using an inkjet vs. a laser jet printer.

    d) It could depend on the type of ink you're using. Manufacturer, OEM, refillable and generic ink may have slight color differences.

    e) As noted above, it could also depend on the type of paper you decide to use. This may create a dull or more vibrant look.

    f) It might depend on which program you're using to edit your letters.

    g) There may be slight color differences when using a mobile device vs. a laptop or desktop computer.

    Successfully downloaded items are not eligible for refund due to differences in color and appearance because of the many uncontrollable variables involved.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please use our Contact Page.

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