Preview of flying Tooth Fairy wearing a green dress with colorful block border.

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Hello my dear, (child's name)!

I bet you're wondering what happens to the teeth I collect from around the world every night.

When someone loses their first tooth, I put it in the First Tooth Hall of Fame in my Tooth Fairy Castle. They shine so bright that they help light up my Castle at night.

Some teeth I use to make white, fluffy clouds. I can use these clouds to rest on when I'm out collecting teeth and leaving treats.

Some teeth I use to make magic fairy dust to help me fly farther and faster.

And some teeth I show to my friends so they can see what a child's tooth looks like when they take good care of them. 

(Child's name), don't forget to keep brushing your teeth every night before you go to bed. I will visit the next time you lose a tooth!

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