Help with printing Tooth Fairy letters and certificates

Listed below is some help with printing should your default settings not produce a clean image. The screen shots below are examples only. Your printer may display a different screen when ready to print.

1. First try your printer's "Default" settings. If that produces images with any type of distortion, move on to step 2.

2. When ready to print, select "Printer Properties"

3. Under Printer Properties, make the following selections:

  • Select "Photo Printing" even when using regular paper
  • Uncheck "Borderless Printing" if checked
  • Select "Matte Photo Paper" or other photo paper even when using regular paper
  • Select correct "Paper Size" (8.5"x11") and "Orientation" (Portrait or Landscape)
  • Select "Standard" print quality

4. Click "OK" to secure those settings then print your Tooth Fairy letter or certificate.

The reason for making the selections shown above when printing is due to the way the tooth fairy letters and certificates are designed. When using regular printer settings, there may be some slight image distortions after printing. The photo printing settings shown above eliminate those distortions and leave a sharp, smooth finish to images when printed. Please use these settings for the best result when printing your letters and certificates.